9 Best Backyard Hot Tubs – Budget-Friendly Guide


Fall is here, and with the temperatures beginning to drop, there is no better time than now to invest in a top-of-the-line backyard hot tub to bring back the warmth this season.

Better yet, hot tubs offer far more than warmth!

They’re powerhouses for pain management, relaxation, and full-body recovery. They’re also an exceptional way to boost the value of your home!

When it comes to the best on the market, there’s only one brand that comes to mind. The one that made the benefits of hydrotherapy and hydromassage more accessible than ever over 60 years ago.

Jacuzzi® hot tubs are leading the industry with a world-class innovation that’s refining relaxation across the globe.

If you’re looking for the perfect, budget-friendly way to add quality to your backyard and embrace the health and lifestyle benefits hot tubs offer, you’ll find everything you need in this article.

We understand everyone has a different budget when it comes to home upgrades, so we’re breaking down the best models in three of the Jacuzzi® hot tub collections based on price, size, and features. This can help you better understand what’s important to you and make finding your dream hot tub as easy as possible.

How Do You Know Which Hot Tub is Right for You

Choosing your hot tub is a more personal journey than you might initially think. Each model comes with various jet configurations, seating options, styling options, and so much more.

It’s important to find one that fits your needs and lifestyle and can be something you can’t wait to climb into at the end of each day!

As you explore your hot tub options, consider things like

  • What benefits do you want it to provide?
  • Where do you experience pain or discomfort most in your body?
  • Is a lounge seat important to you?
  • How big would you like it?
  • Do you plan on having a lot of people in it, or is it for only a couple of people?
  • How big is your backyard?
  • What’s your budget?

Answering these questions can help narrow down the models that would best suit your unique needs.

The 9 Best Budget-Friendly Backyard Hot Tubs

In this guide, we’ll share some of the best budget-friendly hot tubs from three different Jacuzzi® hot tub collections, ranging from models that seat two to one that’s large enough to share with eight of your friends!

The collections in this guide will include:

  • J-200TM
  • J-300TM
  • PlayTM Collection

We’ll also include a price guide ranging from $$ to $$$$ to make sticking to your budget easy.

Let’s explore your options!

J-200TM Collection

The J-200TM collection is home to Jacuzzi® hot tub’s classic models that have a smaller price tag without compromising on quality! This is the collection that’s best if you’re sticking to a tight budget or looking for a compact option.

J-215TM – $$

This classic hot tub for three is ideal for smaller yards or if you’re in search of the perfect unit to add to your self-care routine.

The J-215TM includes a full lounge seat on one side, and two small standard seats on the other, giving you complete control over how you unwind each day.

For a full body massage, lay back and feel your muscles begin to release as the jets massage your back, calves and feet with precise pressure.

If you’re struggling with back pain, choose either of the two standard seats, each with its own unique jet placement to target different areas of your back, making it easy to target the muscles you need to treat.

J-225TM – $$

The J-225TM is a budget-friendly option for people looking for something with more seating without a big price change. With three deep-standard seats and a pivoted bench lining one corner, this hot tub can hold up to 5 adults.

This spa was designed to include rotating jets, maximizing enjoyment and allowing for a deeper, more natural massage as the water gently rotates around your muscles. With four distinct jet arrangements, you’ll be able to soak your stress away with ease, targeting the muscles that need it most!

J-280TM – $$$

This seven-seat model is the largest of the J-200TM collection, offering a spacious and luxurious experience to share with your loved ones while maintaining its affordability.

With a wide, textured floor, the J-280TM is perfect for adding some gentle aquatic exercise into your spa session before leaning back to recover with the help of powerful jets.

With a jet-lined dome in one corner, your feet will get the royal treatment as your back is massaged from top to bottom!

This model boasts a long list of optional features, giving you maximum customization over your spa, creating one that’s uniquely designed to fit your needs!

J-300TM Collection

This collection is filled with some of the most energy-efficient models and stands as Jacuzzi®’s Signature Collection. With models that seat three to expansive ones capable of seating seven, this collection boasts an impressive range of spas, giving you the most options of any of their collections.

J-315TM – $$$

The J-315TM serves as a high-class upgrade to the J-215TM, maintaining its intimate design with side-by-side seating and elegant new jet combinations!

This spa offers a full body massage experience that hugs around your neck and shoulders, paired with soft yet powerful jets to treat every inch of your legs, all the way to your toes.

This model is perfect for small spaces and can create a luxury, romantic escape in your backyard!

J-335TM – $$$

This signature Jacuzzi® hot tub has unique curved bench seating in one corner, paired with an impressive lounger, giving you flexibility over your relaxation experience, with the option to share with up to four friends!

The J-335TM comes equipped with 40 PowerPro® Jets throughout, with a unique cluster lining the bottom section of the lounger, providing an optimal massage for your legs as you unwind after a long day.

This spa also includes two sets of lower jets on either side, making it easy to enjoy a foot or calf massage from any corner of the hot tub!

J-365TM – $$$$

With a higher price point, this model is best suited for higher budgets. The J-365TM offers a grand luxury experience. Invite your friends and family over to soak in this hot tub that boasts seating for seven and a total of 44 PowerPro® Jets throughout!

Enjoy a soothing foot massage from every seat using the jetted foot dome in the center of the spa, or lean back in the PowerPro® Therapy Seat to massage every muscle in your back, easily combating your pain.

This spa even includes a cool-off seat, ensuring conversation and enjoyment don’t have to stop just because you need to cool off!

PlayTM Collection

The hot tubs in the PlayTM Collection were designed with a high value placed on durability and affordability, making them an ideal solution for every budget. These mid-size spas can be a powerful addition to any yard and lifestyle, making it easy to share the benefits of hydrotherapy with your loved ones.

EchoTM – $$

This square hot tub boasts comfortable open seating, making it easy to carry on exciting conversations and entertain your friends without breaking the bank!

The elegant and classic design of the EchoTM has enough space for six of your closest friends and gives you endless options for how you spend your spa session.

This hot tub is affordable yet flexible, offering a wide range of lifestyle benefits. Enjoy a relaxing massage, host a hot tub party to remember, or add some bodyweight exercises, as the water maximizes the protection of your joints.

MoodTM – $$

The MoodTM was designed to maximize the space in your yard with a rectangular design. This spa includes bench seating that spans one entire side, making it possible to easily seat six adults.

With its sleek design and traditional jet placement, you’ll be able to support your well-being in comfort as your muscles are massaged into pure relaxation. You’ll also discover two jets along the bottom of the bench seat, providing an ideal way to treat your feet to a soothing massage.

SoulTM – $$

This affordable, spacious spa includes seating for seven, easily making it a highly coveted addition to any larger backyard. With the inclusion of a sleek lounger, you won’t have to compromise on relaxation and can easily include a full-body massage in your daily routine.

The SoulTM makes installation easy with a Plug n’ Play option, ensuring you can use your spa as soon as possible. With various jet placements, you can customize your massage experience and target your aching muscles from any angle.

With elegant LED lighting in the footwell, your spa session can be customized to add a colourful glow to your water, further enhancing your spa session through the effects of chromotherapy.

Backyard Hot Tubs for Sale in Saskatoon

Finding the ideal hot tub that’s within your budget shouldn’t be challenging.

At Premium Home Leisure, our team of professionals is dedicated to finding your ideal spa, and finding the Jacuzzi® hot tub that meets your needs is our top priority.

When you shop with us, you’ll be able to explore the possibilities with ease as one of our members walks you through the process and points out the models that can best support your well-being for years to come.

Our team will be with you long after your spa has been installed, ensuring your experience is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Contact us, or visit our showroom to learn more about your options and discover the possibilities!

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