How to Clean Your BBQ in Five Easy Steps


Whether you have a BBQ, grill, or smoker, cooking in it while dirty is not advisable.

Not only is it unsanitary, but the food won’t taste the greatest. Since you have a few months of summer and you want to fully put them to use, having a bad-tasting grilled steak or other barbequed foods is the last thing you’d want. Therefore, you should spare some hours and flex your muscles to clean your BBQ and welcome the long sunny days along with it.

Keep reading to learn how to clean your BBQ in five easy steps!

1. Open Grill and Remove Components

The first thing you want to do is open the BBQ and remove all of the parts to access the main grill compartment. This is the part that gets most of the food and grease particles.

You should only start when the grill is cold. Open the top, remove the grates, and disconnect the propane. If your gas model has more than one heat diffusers, remove them also.

2. Soak Grates and Clean Grill Box Interior

The grill box is the place that houses a lot of the grease and it looks like the paint of it is scraped off. You can scrape all of it by using a cheap knife, an old spatula or any thin and flat tool. Remove as much of the gunk as you can. Clean the sides and the top, but make sure not to over scrub them as it will scrape off the metal and make it susceptible to rust, which you don’t want.

Before cleaning the grill box, or while doing it, make sure you soak the grates in warm water and dish soap.

3. Clean Burners on Gas Grills

One of the menaces that gas grills have is that they get clogged very often. The result of this comes as a reduction in flame size. Another indication of this is a different coloured flame and/or an increase in cooking time.

You can use a nylon brush or another all-natural solution to scrub off all the gunk that has accumulated on/in the gas grill. We highly recommend that you steer clear of brushes with metal bristles, as they have been known to break off and even make their way into the food you’re eating. While cleaning them, you should be sure to start from the middle, moving sideways and outwards.

4. Remove Grates and Scrub

The grates that you had soaked in the second step should be taken out now and scrubbed thoroughly. For that, you can use a bristleless grill scraper. This is one way to clean the grates effectively.

The other way does not involve soaking. Instead, the grates are assembled again, the grill is turned on to its maximum temperature with the hood closed. After a few minutes, the flames are turned off, and the grates are scrubbed off carefully. This incinerates the built-up food and residue, so it can be easily scraped off the grates.

5. Clean the Cabinet

You can assemble the grill and its parts again. But if you’ve got a cabinet compartment in your model, you can use a whisk broom to clean any debris accumulated on it.

BBQs in Saskatoon

Well, there you have it! You can now officially clean your BBQ in five easy steps. To stop any future buildup of gunk, apply a thin flame of oil before you start cooking.

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