Premium Home Leisure Saskatoon’s Swim Spa Store

Premium Home Leisure Saskatoon is excited to announce we have added swim spas to our fantastic product offering!

The Best Swim Experience in the Industry

  • Most powerful pumps move the water at up to 7mph/10kph
  • Patented swim jets create the widest, deepest, and smoothest current
  • Widest swim channel with no backsplash to throw you off your line
  • Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning swim spa is always ready to go

The Ultimate Mix of Fitness and Fun

Whether you’re training for a triathlon, trying to stay fit, or looking for playtime with the family, Hydropool Swim Spas are precision-engineered to train hard or splash around.

Hands down, it’s the easiest swim spa to maintain!

Did you know?

  • The average swim spa requires 5-7 hours/week to maintain versus 1hr / week with a Hydropool Self-Cleaning spa!
  • Our self-cleaning technology cleans 100% of the water every 45 min versus 7 – 10 hours for a conventional hot tub
  • Hydropool’s wide channel design is perfect for Kayaking; and with a tether, the powerful jets turn the swim spa into an awesome personal wave pool!

Stop into Premium Home Leisure today to see the brand new 14-foot Hydropool swim spa on display!

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