6 Tips To Help Your Swimwear Last Longer


If you’re a frequent swimmer, one of the major concerns you have to face is the durability of your swimsuit. Investing in a higher-quality swimsuit may come at a steeper price, but for good reason.

More expensive swimsuits tend to last longer, help you perform in the water better, offer a better fit and are usually more stylish.

If you don’t take good care of your swimsuit, especially when wearing it into the hot tub and swim spa on a regular basis, you risk damaging the quality and ruining the suit altogether.

Here are some things that you can do to improve the quality and lifespan of your swimwear.

1. Shower First

Showering with your swimsuit on before entering the water can help maintain the quality of your swimwear. Not only will the fibers be warmed up, but the material will have already retained some of the clean water, reducing the amount of chlorine it will soak up while in the hot tub or swim spa.

2. Shower After

After you exit the water, jump back in the shower with your swimsuit still on. This will help to wash away any chlorinated water and other impurities from your swimwear. Chlorine can be very damaging to your swimwear, so taking some time to wash it away immediately can really help maintain the quality.

3. Wash Your Suit Properly

How you wash your swimsuit can greatly affect its longevity. We recommend rinsing it off in the shower as soon as you exit the hot tub or swim spa. Afterward, we recommend hand washing your suit in the sink with lukewarm water and gentle soap. There are even products available on the market that are specific to bathing suits and swimwear.

Once clean, lay flat on a towel to dry. For quicker results, lay the towel and bathing suit on top of your dryer. The heat from the dryer will help speed up the evaporation process.

We don’t recommend hanging your swimwear to dry, because as the water drains downward, the weight will build up and pull your suit downwards, effectively stretching it out.

4. Rotate Your Suits

As we have mentioned, chlorine can be damaging to swimwear – especially if they are worn in the chlorinated water on a regular basis. One way to improve the longevity of your swimsuits is to rotate them evening. If you don’t wear the same suit into the water every time, chances are less chlorine will have the chance to damage the material.

We even recommend purchasing lower-quality suits that are used only to go into the chlorinated water. That way, you can save your more expensive and trendy bathing suits for the beach, vacation, or pool parties.

5. Pre-Soak

Before taking a new bathing suit into the water, we recommend giving it a pre-soak. This can provide any leaky colours with a chance to drain away while preparing the fibers for chlorinated water.

6. Use a Towel

Sitting directly on the ground can pull, stretch, and damage your swim bottoms. Instead of sitting directly on the pavement, grass, sand, or picnic table, lay a towel down first. This will reduce the chances of your bathing suit getting caught or tearing.

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