The 6 Best Winter Hot Tub Accessories For Your Spa

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It is that time of the year once more, where you would be facing a white landscape and experiencing the constant, bitter cold.

With that, we can all agree that there is nothing better than enjoying a spa in your hot tub at the end of every day in winter.

There are many hot tub accessories which you can add to the hot tub to enhance your winter spa experience.

Today, we’ll go ahead and take a look at some of the best winter hot tub accessories for your spa.

1. Spa Stereo System

Would you say that there is nothing better than taking a soak in your hot tub after coming home on a cold winter’s night?

We wouldn’t necessarily agree to that, thanks to the Bluewave™ Spa Stereo System, since we can now relax in the hot tub while listening to our favorite pop songs or even chill with a Classical music playlist in the background.

The stereo system not only can help you destress after a long, frosty day outside, it also enables you to charge your phone while you aren’t using it — the best way to kill two birds with one stone!

2. Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub covers are essential for all hot tub owners, be it in winter or the other seasons. This is because the hot tub covers help maintain the hot tub’s water temperature and prevent the water from getting cold in winter.

That way, you would be able to save quite a bit on your electricity bill from having to reheat the water in the hot tub every day.

If you have an outdoor hot tub, the hot tub covers will prevent any foreign objects, such as fallen leaves and branches, from entering the hot tub and contaminating the hot tub chemicals in your spa.

3. Hot Tub Steps

Hot tub steps not only help you get in and out of the hot tub more conveniently, but it also serves as a safety feature, as well.

Since the hot tub walls can be pretty high, you would be at risk of slipping and falling if ice accumulates at the hot tub base.

As such, these steps can help you get in and out of the hot tub without you having to worry about having a fall. Moreover, the hot tub steps are easy for you to install on your own and are budget-friendly.

4. Spa Caddy

Now that your hot tub is warm, safe, and relaxing with soothing music in the background, let’s focus on the more minor aspects.

It would be great for us to grab our favorite drinks or even some light snacks to have us accompanied during our spa session, so why not do just that?

You can easily attach a spa caddy to the hot tub walls and place your food and beverages on it. That way, you can easily reach out for drinks and snacks to satisfy your spa cravings.

5. Spa Robes

Getting spa robes can significantly improve your spa experience, especially if your hot tub is placed outdoors in a cold winter environment.

All of us would dread getting out of the hot tub and having to face the harsh temperatures for us to get back into the comfort of our homes.

The spa robes can keep you warm before and after your hot tub experience, instead of having you make a beeline back indoors. You can purchase robes for an affordable price in stores and even online.

6. Towel Warmer

The towel warmer not only keeps your towels warm (obviously) in the chilly winter, but it can also keep the spa robes mentioned above warm as well.

You don’t want to be frozen after getting out of the hot water, so the towel warmer is a good investment for enhancing your spa experience, especially if you have an outdoor hot tub.

The Best Winter Hot Tub Accessories In Saskatoon

The luxury of being able to take a soak in your hot tub on a cold winter evening is indeed an enjoyable experience, but how about making it even better?

We here at Premium Home Leisure in Saskatoon are pleased to offer numerous hot tub supplies and accessories that you can obtain to help enhance your winter spa experience.

If you’re looking to upgrade your spa experience, why not check out our bright and clean showroom today? Our friendly sales team look forward to meeting you!

In the meantime, take a look at some of the other articles in our blog. Here are three to help you get started!


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