Our 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About All-Season Pools


Whether you’re a new all-season pool owner or are interested in buying a spa for your home, you likely have a lot of questions. Here are some of the most common questions we hear from our customers to help you on your all-season pool-learning journey.

1. Are All Season Pools Worth The Investment?

All-season pools are not only robust and long-lasting, but their dual-purpose also gives you the ability to relax, exercise or both depending on your needs or mood. They are great for everyone from families with small children just learning how to swim to singles looking for a way to host friends to older adults who prefer low-impact exercise.

If you want to combine a world-class workout with the amazing healing powers of a hot tub-quality hydro-massage, an all-season pool is perfect for you. It truly does offer the best that a pool and a hot tub have to offer, all in one sleek package.

2. Are All Season Pools Heated?

All-season pools offer customizable heat, making them perfect for both exercise and relaxation. For swimming or other types of exercise, 80-84°F is a great temperature. It enables you to workout without overheating or becoming too cold.

If you want a hot tub experience, the water can be heated up to 104°F, but we recommend 102 degrees for most users. All-season pools, just like hot tubs, can be used year-round if you keep the water warm enough.

3. Can All Season Pools Be In-Ground?

Yes, in-ground installation is totally doable depending on the space and your budget. To pull off a seamless install, our experts will use modular components that allow the spa to be fully customized without impacting its functionality or durability.

An in-ground spa will be perfect for you if you prefer to have your spa blend more naturally into your backyard landscape. In-ground units are also better protected from the elements, which can increase their lifespan.

4. How Often Should I Change The Water?

Your all-season pool will need to have its water changed on a regular schedule. For an average-sized spa, light users can get away with changing it once a year. Moderate usage would require a change every eight months and heavy usage every six months.

5. Can You Exercise In An All Season Pool?

Yes, all-season pools were created with exercise in mind. In fact, there’s no better place to help you reach your fitness goals. An all-season pool allows you to swim laps, but with a twist.

Rather than swimming back and forth like you would in a pool, water jet propulsion keeps you in place as you swim.

The water resistance is adjustable, enabling you to choose the difficulty level of your workout. Accessories such as rowing kits and resistance bands can also be purchased to enhance your fitness.

Both are great options for toning and strengthening your body while getting a cardiovascular workout.

You can also jog, do aerobics, strengthening exercises or yoga as well as physical therapy and stretches.

Premium Home Leisure

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One of our experts would be happy to discuss all-season pool prices with you and help you find the perfect model for your home and budget.



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