How To Clean Your Outdoor Spa Installation For The Spring

How To Clean Your Outdoor Spa Installation For The Spring

Spring is finally on its way! Along with lengthened days, new growth on the trees and warmer temperatures, spring often comes with spring cleaning.

While you may think about carefully and precisely spring cleaning your home, it is important to also think about deep cleaning your outdoor spas and hot tubs.

Tidying up your outdoor spa installation is a great task to complete when the weather gets warmer, and you are already outside completing yard work.

A fresh swim spa and a well-maintained outdoor area are key to enjoying your backyard this season.

1. Getting Started

When starting off on your spring cleaning journey, make a list. This will include tasks to be completed, as well as any new supplies you could need.

Double check all equipment. This could include all yard work tools, as well as any malfunctioning parts on your hot tubs and swim spas.

Making sure that you have equipment in good working order, as well as all the supplies you need will cut down on trips to the hardware store. This allows you to complete your tasks more efficiently.

2. Hot Tubs And All-Season Pools

In regard to cleaning your hot tub or all-season pool, here are a few basic tips. It is recommended by professionals to begin working on your pool at least a week in advance (before using it).

In doing so, this allows for the proper circulation of chemicals as well as adequate testing. Both of these steps ensure a much safer spa experience. When “opening” your outdoor spa, it is essential to not feel rushed.

3. Clean And Repair

Once you have the water in your all-season pool or hot tub properly treated and circulating, you can now focus on the remainder of your outdoor area. Start by removing all debris from flowerbeds, lawns and anywhere else it may have accumulated.

This ensures healthy new growth and can prevent accidents in the yard. After you have removed all the debris, it is time to start thinking about any outdoor appliances that you may use.

In doing this, remember to inspect the BBQ, any light sources you use outdoors, and fire features. When well maintained, these items can provide you with hours of safe summer fun.

4. Jazz Up Your Backyard

Now that the debris has been removed and repairs have been completed on necessary appliances, it is time to start thinking about any new installations you would like to add to your outdoor living space.

New lighting, a fresh patio set, or even new cushions for seating are great ways to really refresh your space.

How Premium Home Leisure Can Help You Find The Ideal Outdoor Spa

At Premium Home Leisure, located in Saskatoon, we carry a line of luxury outdoor spas, hot tubs, and all-season pools, as well as the parts and chemicals to care properly for one.

If you are unsure about how to open your spa, the experts here can help. If at any point you feel the need for backyard inspiration, check out our blog of great ideas.


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