Hot Tub Shock – How To Shock Your Hot Tub


Chances are, if you have a hot tub, you and your friends and family will use it on a regular basis.

While hot tubs are a great way to soak away stress and enjoy some leisure time with those closest to you, it is important to keep your hot tub clean.

This ensures that you and your guests enjoy a safe, healthy hot tub experience. Shocking your hot tub is one way to increase the health and sterility of the water.

Benefits Of Shocking Your Hot Tub

Whether you invest in a new or used hot tub, shocking it can provide many benefits. Because of its warmth, and the water inside it, a hot tub often makes a perfect environment for bacteria to grow and breed.

These bacteria can contribute to cloudy hot tub water and can even affect your health. Shocking your hot tub, as well as using a sterilizer are important steps in maintaining your hot tub. Sterilizer may become overrun with bacteria, which is why shocking is so important.

To create a more relaxing and healthier spa experience, shock your hot tub at least weekly, and at dusk if your tub is outside.

Spa Shock Products

There are many different products available on the market today to “shock” your pool or spa. Unfortunately, only two of them are effective and safe for use in hot tubs. Dichlor, is available at many pool chemical stores, and is able to withstand the heat of your hot tub.

Because of this, it is an active ingredient in many shocking solutions. The other option is non chlorine shock.

While this is not a disinfectant, it does do a fantastic job of ridding the tub of lotions, skin cells, and other organic compounds that may contribute to cloudy water. Ultimately, the kind of shock that can be used is based off of the sterilizer that the tub uses.

An expert at Premium Home Leisure can help you find the most appropriate shock for your spa.


To accurately shock your tub, take into consideration where it is located. An indoor hot tub is able to be shocked at any time. An outdoor hot tub should be shocked at dusk, when the suns rays are lowest and cannot destroy the chemicals.

Remove any hot tub covers that may be in use, as this allows the chemicals added to the tub to breathe. Remember to wear protective eyewear and gloves and keep guests out of the tub until the sanitizer level has stabilized.

Measure out your chemicals per the manufacturer’s instructions, add them, and ensure that you have adequate ventilation. Recover the hot tub within 20 minutes to slow evaporation of the chemicals.

Premium Home Leisure

Premium Home Leisure in Saskatoon carries everything you will need to shock your tub. From accessories like hot tub covers, chemicals and design elements, they are your one stop shop for advice and products.

As hot tub pricing can vary from store to store, make sure you check with Premium Home Leisure, to ensure you are getting the most value for your investment!

Drop in and see us! Our friendly staff have many years of experience between them and can’t wait to get you started on enjoying your hot tub. For further information on hot tub shock, visit out blog.

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